Amenities and Facilities

  • Amenities and Facilities


Amenities and Facilities
Bedding provided for free


Amenities and Facilities
Shared shower (lockable individual shower cube)


Amenities and Facilities
Hair dryer and iron rented at reception

Life equipment

Reading light and electric outlet


Amenities and Facilities
Lockers in room (one for each person)


Amenities and Facilities
Coin-operated laundry is available 24 hours.
400 yen for one wash (35 min) 
100 yen for 15 min dryer
Laundry soap is automatically added.

Free Mobile

Amenities and Facilities
  1. Unlimited FREE Internet access
  2. Unlimited FREE domestic calls
  3. You can take this phone out of the hotel
  4. FREE calls to some specific countries

(Ask at reception for details) 

Morning Set

Amenities and Facilities
We offer a selection of beers from around the world, wine, and Japanese sake at the cafe. Please enjoy your drink with snacks from around the world that we have developed together with our guests from many countries.
All-you-can-eat breakfast is served for guests from 4:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. (325yen)

SAKURA Cafe & Restaurant NIPPORI

Amenities and Facilities
Beside SAKURA HOTEL & HOSTEL's main mission, being a provider of affordable high-quality rooms, we also have three cafes in connection to each of our three hotels. What distinguishes SAKURA CAFE from other cafes is the focus on not only being a great place for having a nice cup of café au lait, or dinner, but a place for really getting close to the soul of Tokyo